Nokia 6590 - Set up an automatic connection

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Set up an automatic connection

If the network supports an automatic connection, you can choose to have
the GPRS context created as soon as you turn your phone on. The
connection stays on in the background all the time, as long as you have
network coverage.

You can take advantage of this continuous connection when browsing the
Internet. When you are finished browsing, the connection stays active for
quick access the next time you need to download information.

Appears in the left upper corner of the screen, indicating
an active GPRS connection when you are using the WAP

If you chose the “always online” setting, this icon also
appears in the left lower corner of the screen indicating a
continuous GPRS connection.

Indicates that circuit switched (CS) or voice calls are not

possible when using GPRS for a data call.

Indicates that the GPRS connection has been interrupted

by a voice call.

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You can choose one of the following options from the Services settings

Always online: the connection is established when you turn your

phone on. The connection continues in the background even after you
are finished browsing, depending on network coverage.

When needed: the connection is established when you use your WAP

browser and is closed when you end the browsing session.

The following table shows how to end your browsing session, depending
on which option you have chosen for your GPRS connection.

Note: Some GPRS setups may use different keys than shown
above. Check with your service provider for details.