Nokia 6590 - Nokia PC Suite

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Nokia PC Suite

You can use the various components of Nokia PC Suite to do the

• Make a backup copy of personal data such as contacts and calendar

information from your phone to another phone or PC (Content Copier).

Note: Be sure to turn off Automatic keyguard when using PC suite.

If you already have a compatible Nokia phone, you can copy your
names and numbers to the Nokia 6590 phone with Content Copier.
Compatible phones include the Nokia 5190, 6190, 8290, 8390,
8890, 7160, 7190, 3320 and 3360 phones.

• Edit phone book names and numbers, profiles, and settings via your

PC’s keyboard (Phone editor).

• Create new ringing tones and send them to your phone (PC Composer).

• Synchronize your phone’s contacts and calendar items with other

personal information managers.

• Compose new graphics and transfer them from your PC to your phone

(PC Graphics).

Instructions for PC Suite installation and setup, as well as the PC/PDA
connectivity guide are available as part of the software download.

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