Nokia 6590 - Rapid Cigarette Lighter Charger (LCH-9)

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Rapid Cigarette Lighter
Charger (LCH-9)

You can charge your phone’s battery from
your vehicle battery by using the Mobile

Calls are possible during charging. A green light indicates that the charger
is ready for charging (when not charging) or finished charging (if it has
been charging). The battery charging times are the same as those for the
Rapid Travel Charger (ACP-8U). The input voltage range is from 11 to 32V
DC, negative grounding. Avoid prolonged charging with the Rapid
Cigarette Lighter Charger when the car engine is not running; this could
cause your car battery to drain. Note also that, in some cars, the cigarette
lighter plug is not provided with electricity if the ignition is not switched

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