Nokia 6590 - Accessible features

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Accessible features

The Nokia 6590 phone has many accessible features, including:

Nibs above and below the

key for quick reference to the keypad

Tactile feedback when you press a key

Ability to send and receive short text messages

Convenience of one-touch dialing

Ability to define ring tones for different caller groups

Voice dialing and voice commands for handsfree operation

Ability to compose own ring tones with PC Suite Software

TTY Adapter (HDA-8)

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A number of features included in this guide are called Network Services.
These are special services you arrange through your wireless service
provider. Before you can take advantage of any of these Network Services,
you must subscribe to them through your service provider and obtain
instructions for their use from your service provider.

Network services for the Nokia 6590 phone include:

Voicemail and voice privacy

Call waiting, call forwarding, and caller ID

Text and picture messages

Ability to send your own number