Nokia 6590 - Use predictive text shortcuts

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Use predictive text shortcuts

Press Menu 01-1 (Messages > Write message) to write messages using
the following shortcuts.


Use letter keys for word entry. Press each key only once

for each letter.

Press to view the next matching word if the underlined
word is not the word you intended.


Press to add a new word to the dictionary.

Press once to accept a word and add a space.

Press and hold to enter a number.

Press to change the character case.



indicates lowercase.

Press twice to select predictive input or ABC mode.


indicate ABC mode.

, and

indicate predictive text input.


Press once to delete the character to the left of the
cursor. Press and hold to clear all characters.

Press once to add a punctuation mark. To change the
underlined symbol, press

repeatedly until the

desired symbol appears.

Shows the number of characters available (counts down
for each character added). Messages can contain up to
600 characters divided in up to four parts.


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