Nokia 6590 - • Automate Voicemail with dialing codes

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Use voice features



You can insert special characters called “dialing codes” into phone
numbers such as Voicemail and then save the number to a 1-touch dialing
location. Dialing codes instruct the receiving system to pause, wait,
bypass, or accept the numbers that follow them in the dialing string. See
“Use special characters” on page 36.

Important: If you enter your PIN as part of the automated dialing
process, anyone who has access to your phone will be able to
access your voicemail as well. To prevent unauthorized use of your
phone, see “Manage phone security” on page 115.

Note: Each voicemail service can vary. The examples and steps
that follow are for clarification. Check with your wireless provider
if you have specific questions about your voicemail service.