Nokia 6590 - • Store messages

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Read linked messages

Your phone can receive one long message (up to 600 characters) in
sequences. You can start reading the first part before the phone has
received the entire message.

While viewing the message, you may see *some text missing* on the
display. This is normal, and the message content will be updated as soon
as the missing sequence arrives.

If the memory is full, you may have to delete a message from your inbox
or outbox before your phone can update the missing text.


The inbox, outbox, and folders share a given amount of memory in your
SIM card. When SIM memory is full, messages are automatically saved to
the phone memory. When both of these memory banks are full, the
message indicator blinks. If you receive a text message when the memory
is full, the phone displays the message No space: message waiting. You
should delete one or more old messages to make room for the new
message. The network waits and resends the message at a later time.

Note: The number of messages your phone can store in the inbox
and outbox may vary, depending on the SIM card.