Nokia 6590 - 9 Personalize your phone

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Personalize your phone


Profiles define how your phone reacts when you receive a call or a
message, the sounds your keypad makes whenever you press a key, and
more. Ringing options, keypad tones, and other settings for each of the
5 available profiles can be left at their default setting, or customized to
suit your needs. Select and customize the most suitable profile for your
situation, such as when you’re in a meeting or outdoors. The following
profiles are available:

Select a profile


At the Start screen, press Menu 3 (Profiles).

After a brief pause, the list of profiles appear in the display.


Scroll through the list of profiles and press Select once the profile of
your choice is highlighted.


Scroll to Select and press Select.

Tip: You can briefly press the power key to display the list of profiles.
Press the power key again to scrolls through the list. Once a profile
is highlighted, press and hold the power key to select the profile.

Customize a profile