Nokia 6590 - 4 Use the scroll keys to display each of the options in the following table. Choose the option yo

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Personalize your phone



What it does

Ringing options

Allows you to chose a ringing style. Your choices
include Ring, Ascending, Ring once, Beep once
and Silent.

Ringing tone

Allows you to chose from 20 pre-programmed
tones. You can also download up to 10 ringing
tones, see “Download ringing tones” on
page 100 for more information.

Ringing volume

Allows you to set the volume for incoming calls.

Vibrating alert

Allows you to turn the vibrating alert on or off.
Note: your phone has an internal vibrating
mechanism so you do not need a special battery
to use this feature.

Message alert tone

Allows you to chose an alert style. Your choices
include No tone, Standard, Special, Beep
, Ascending and Personal.

Keypad tones

Allows you to set the volume for keypad tones.

Warning tones

Allows you to turn warning and confirmation
tones on or off.

Alert for

You can chose to have your phone sound an
audible alert only when a member of a selected
caller group is calling. For more information
about Caller groups, see “Use caller groups” on
page 53.

Profile name

Allows you to give a new name to the following
profiles: Silent, Meeting, Outdoor or Pager.

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